Angel White : A Southern Free Spirit

Originally from Cleburne, Texas, Dallas local artist Angel White is much more than a musician. The 22-year-old self-proclaimed creative places emphasis on the importance of love and authenticity in his career, and aims to push boundaries in both music and fashion. His inspirations are among the trailblazing greats: David Bowie, Erykah Badu, Third Eye Blind, Field Medic, and Kevin Abstract.

When asked what genre White would classify his music as, he says he aligns with the phrase ‘Southern free spirit’, a term someone coined for him that stuck. Although he started singing in his middle school choir class, it was a while before White considered a career in music. He played sports throughout high school and went on to play college football, but ended up dropping out of his university with a goal in mind. He had decided to chase his newfound dream of becoming a musician. The aspiring artist picked upguitar- which he’s now been playing for two years- and formed a band named the Three Trees with his roommates.

The Three Trees gave White some experience in the music industry, but he eventually left the band and focused on pursuing a solo career with important objectives in mind. His cites some of his biggest goals as a musician as creating timeless pieces and ensuring his fans know they are never alone. When asked what he’d tell any other young artists chasing their dreams, he said they need to know the importance of patience and taking their time. “Don’t let the idea of time disrupt your creativity,” White says. “We live in a fast-paced [environment], so I think it’s easy to fall into it- especially with social media. Watch the culture but don’t let it depict what you do.”

Photos: Leo Lovely

White’s journey as an artist has definitely not been easy, which might be a leading factor in the soulful emotions and passion that are evident in his music. White makes an effort to be honest and genuine in all of his musical projects, often sympathizing with his audience with his candid lyricism about love and sadness. He wrote his EP, A Cry for Help, during a lonely and lost part of his life in the hopes of comforting listeners who might be feeling the same way. Most recently, the young local is working on a new album and has a single set to release on September 9th, the day after his birthday. White explains that the dates of his music releases are anything but random: besides the association with his birthday, he intentionally aligned them with the moon cycle for the month.

White also has an interest in fashion and, more specifically, pushing its envelope. He grew up in an open-minded female-dominant environment where he was never criticized for exploring femininity and always encouraged to express himself. Erykah Badu and David Bowie are mentioned again when asked about his style icons, as well as Jimi Hendrix.

Refusing to be restricted to the label of ‘musician’, White also integrates other art forms into his work. Besides his presence in the fashion scene, he is working on a poetry book and a play that will go hand in hand with his upcoming album. He works to create multimedia pieces that are creative and stand out against an oversaturated market. “A lot of people are forgotten within the next year,” White says determinedly. “I refuse to let that happen to me.”


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