25% Photography Gallery

In August of 2019, we celebrated diversity within the creative community, and we put together a gallery of the best photographers from the DFW.

Studies show that in creative occupations, only 25% of all workers classify as a minority. Based on the study we selected 25 individuals who identify as such. We created this gallery with the intent of bringing that to the public attention and highlighting the best photographers in the Dallas / Ft. Worth metroplex.

Listed below you can find the participation from the show in no particular order

Jorge Rodriguez - @dfwsuave

Zerb Mellish - @obzerb

Roger Gallegos - @Rogergallegoss

Kevin Fides - @kevinfides

Isidro Padro - @Bhilo666

Freddy Mejia - @Bxe.v

Elva A Chavez Martinez - @elvaachavez

Jon Anchondo - @helloimjon

Jeremiah Sabado - @jeremiahsabado

Lexi Fobbs - @lexializef

Destiny Sosa - @Destinysosa

Chloe Gonzales - @chloe_gonzales

Alberto Rabelo - @Alrlo

Eric Robles - @arickrobles

Victoria Nguyen - @victoriadventures

Kevin Kazadi - @kevinxkazadi

Shalom Ofoha - @shotbyshalom

Edward Reyez - @eddythehuman

Alex Regalado - @alexregz

Luis Felipe Arriaga - @luisfelipe_arriaga

Patrick Le @Pattrickle

Desiree Tabares - @danslenoir__

Raul Mascorro - @raulghul

Christopher Michael - @christophercreates

Darence Julius Johns - @imknu

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