Clover The Girl Reminds Us That We All Hurt Just a Little

Dallas pop singer Clover The Girl releases a fiery new track and video that proves that pain can exist in a Barbie Dreamland

When you view Clover The Girl’s social media pages, her bio boldly reads, “controversial pop artist” in attention-grabbing capitalized letters. That unfearful sentiment has been proven with her recently released song and video for “Even If It Hurts”.

The Dallas-based singer dropped the gutsy tune on May 31st. However, this isn’t her first single in 2019. She released Insecure just four months ago, but “Even If It Hurts” brings forward a gut-punching edge, wrapped in vulnerably relatable lyrics. The three-minute song opens with Clover’s hypnotizing vocals speaking on a theme of pain. As it progresses, the powerhouse chorus pushes through as she fiercely declares “Even if it hurts for a minute” over a provocative bassline and kicky drums. Clover’s track has alluring suspense, while it’s catchy chorus would have someone aching to sing-along with a similar spunk and sass.

But the video, directed by Jenni Johnson, helps bring out a dark undertone that can exhibit multiple meanings to the lyrics. The singer is shown in a pink Barbie doll box as a plasticky beauty queen, decked out in a sash, and a rhinestone covered tiara. As the camera eerily focuses on the singer's features, there are quick scenes of others getting procedures done to their face. Botox needles, makeup, wax, and surgical markings are forcibly placed on the individuals. This wild depiction raises the question: is this pain just hidden by our own desire to want and to follow through with physical alterations?

Check out the video for yourself, and don’t forget to listen to Clover The Girl’s debut EP, which is set to be released on July 5th.

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