ID: Jared Medeiros

At just the age of 20, this young talented creative has a lot on his plate. He takes on the role of being a Creative Director for local bands and small business around town. Jared Medeiros’ art is mainly based around internal feelings as well as personal experiences he has dealt with, such as heartbreak, vulnerability, and sadness just to name a few. The young conceptual artist uses music, poetry, design, and photography as a means of creating a tangible object that he can use to convey his own interpretations. In the interview we conducted with Mederios he mentions the word “Soft”, it’s a very personal and meaningful word to Medeiros. He describes the word soft as “ That place where you’re at that you allowing yourself to feel everything around you and you're vulnerable, Being open to your own emotions but also the things outerly affecting them “ Throughout all of Medeiros work it is clear that he is vulnerable and honest.

Raised in a small suburb a few miles outside of Denver, growing up he wasn’t really much of an “artsy” kid. Medeiros had a normal childhood playing sports and living an everyday suburban life. Following high school, Medeiros was to attend a college in Seattle, Washington where he was set to study music, but a week prior to departing he made a last minute decision to stay and move to Dallas. He saw how much potential the city had so he wanted to take advantage since he knew he wanted to get involved in the artistic scene. As a result of his decision, Medeiros taught himself guitar as a means of expressing himself. Growing up he always had a passion for music; Medeiros taste in music consisted of a very diverse array of genres and artist such as old favorites like Rush, Led Zeppelin, and Night Beds. His earliest introduction to the art form was when his mother put him in a piano class.“When I was younger my mother put me in a piano class so you could say that's where the foundation/basis of where it all started." His love for self-expression leads him to develop a passion not only for music but other forms of art.


He credits his inner emotions and past experiences as a big inspiration in his art, “There was a point in time where I experienced a heavy heartbreak, that helped me create this type of work.’’ You can view that through his earliest work on Instagram that is based around the feelings of nostalgia, joy, and sadness. As for photographers, he admires Olivia Bee and Petra Collins. It is clear that Medeiros soaks up everything that is going on around to bring you meaningful imagery and design. Medeiros style could be described as soft, grainy, and colorful with intimate self-portraits to movie like still images, his cameras of choice are a Nikon F100 (35mm) and Mamiya RZ67 ( 120mm)

Medeiros hopes to release books under his admin Soft X Doux that will showcase his photography, graphic design and poetry skills. He also has plans of starting publication with his close friends under the name “Peach’’ that will consist strictly along photos. Mr. Medeiros doesn't allow himself to be boxed in as just a "Photographer" because photography is one of the many mediums that he uses to express himself. Jared is on our list of Artist that you should follow due to fact that there is a meaning and a story behind everything he produces, after checking out his Instagram you’ll walk away feeling inspired.​

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