More Than Meets the Eye; David Morgan

Houston-born and Dallas-based artist, designer and author David Morgan is a man of many talents. At only 28 years old David has released 2 albums, multiple EP’s, has created his own clothing brand, and published 4 books. On the surface David might just seem like another rapper trying to make a name for himself in a big city, but when you dig deeper you find that David isn’t like everyone else, he’s special. He doesn’t want to be defined as just being “artist”, he wants to prove that you can do anything as long as you put in the work. Being raised in a Nigerian household, David was always taught to give it your all in everything you do, and you see that transmitted in his work. Whether he’s coming out with new music, clothes, or book, David is not someone to deliver a half-assed project.

His grind has led him to garner attention both in Dallas and on an international level, even appearing on a French TV show. But, when you talk to him it’s clear that he isn’t doing this for the fame. Being raised in a neighborhood where he saw and experienced not so great things made David realize the importance of his voice. He wants to give those who are voiceless a voice, those who are lost a glimmer of hope, and those who are afraid the power to stand up and be courageous. That’s who David is. We recently sat down to talk to him here is what he had to say.

What type of music did you grow up listening to?

I grew up listening to like a variety of stuff. My dad had Biggie on, Busta Rhymes, TLC, Usher, Puff Daddy. I personally listened to Kanye, Lupe Fiasco is a big influence, Outkast, Andre 3000 is one of my biggest influences, Pharrell, Blu & Exile, fucking N’Sync, Michael Jackson. Yeah a bunch of shit.

How did your upbringing and background influence you as a person?

I’m Nigerian so growing up things were a little different, but then my dad passed away so that switched a lot. I had to learn a lot on my own, and that really taught me to have a go-get-it mentality. You can’t wait on anybody to save you because sometimes there might not be anyone there, you just got to learn how to do it yourself.

How did you start writing your own books?

Growing up my Aunt used to force me to read before I could buy video games, she used to take me to bookstores so that was something that I was always accustomed to. Going to the bookfair I used to always get books. When I got older, I’d post writings on Myspace and Facebook but never really thought about making them into a book. People would like them so much they’d be like “Man you should make a book one day.” So after a while I was just like 'I’m finally going to do this' and then tried doing it, it worked, people responded well to it, and ever since then I’ve just been doing it.

How do you go from never having anything professionally published to having 4 books? Talk about that journey.

It’s just about doing it. Finding a way to do it, doing your research, not making any excuses. It’s just figuring out a way to do it. I’m the type of person that if I want to do something I’m going to do it and if I don’t want to do it I’m definitely not and no one can tell me what to do but, if I want to do something I’m going to figure out a way to make it happen. I was always writing, and as much as I wrote it was enough for a book anyway, or a couple of books. It was just about getting serious and putting them all together.

Can you tell us a little bit about your new book; Talk?

It’s called Talk just because I’ve never been a really talkative person, like this interview probably wouldn’t have happened a couple of years ago. I’m always super quiet, I’m not really that good at speaking my mind or saying how I feel but there came a time where I realized it’s better when you don’t hold stuff in. Just say what you got to say regardless of what you think the consequences are going to be.

Did you find that when you were writing it was a way for you to meditate and express yourself?

At the time you don’t really look at it as meditation. I was just doing it because I thought I was good at it and it was fun, but looking back at it that’s what was giving me peace and making me believe in myself, like I was serving a purpose. The way I see it now it’s definitely a meditative process, an expression. I just feel like I’m giving what I’m supposed to be giving to the world.

There are a lot of positive messages/meanings scattered throughout your work, why do you feel it’s important to include positivity in your work?

A lot of my favorite artists growing up did that and that helped me believe in myself so you never know who you’re affecting just with the positivity. Someone might not have anyone else telling them those things like ‘hey actually you can do this, hey actually you’re not stupid, you’re not stuck to this way of life.' You just never know who you can inspire to do something greater than what you’re doing.

What’s made you want to delve into different areas of creative expression such as music, literature, and design?

Just seeing that it’s all possible and it’s just me being myself. If I was just doing one thing I’d feel like I’d want to do something anyway so I have to get that out. Also seeing people like Pharrell, Kanye, Tyler, they didn’t stick to one avenue. They do multiple things. Even Frank, and when you do that you give yourself more options to be successful.

Why do you think people are drawn to your work?

What people tell me is that I’m being myself, just being real. I’m not trying to be real flashy or be whatever, I’m just being me and speaking my truth, and that resonates with people more than I realized a lot actually.

What’s a moment in your life so far that you wish never ended?

Being in love with a girl, that feeling of caring about somebody.

Where do you hope all of this takes you down the line?

Living comfortably, being able to take care of my bills, my mom, and then just having a little extra money for cars and clothes. I don’t need a million dollars or a big house, I just need to be able to take care of bills, my family, and look fresh.

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