Rebel girls taking over

Meet The Bralettes, a spunky 3-piece girl band with a lot of attitudes. Paulina, Andy, and Molly have created a sound that is all their own- raw and energetic bubblegum punk. Based out of Dallas, Texas where rap and hardcore music dominate, they bring a new refreshing sound to the current music scene.

The group’s name originates from the piece of women's lingerie, a bralette. The girls use this name as a metaphor because it represents comfort and femininity. they were tired of female social norms where everyone expects women to have big boobs and big butts. In our interview with the Bralettes, Andy mentions being in the seventh grade and feeling pressured to try and keep up with how the other girls’ bodies were changing. With that being said, their music gives off a sense of being free, comfortable, and uniquely beautiful.

As for the creation of the band, the roots are pretty humble. Paulina and Andy met in middle school bonding over music. Carrying that bond from high school, they later added Molly to thus form a trio, The Bralettes. The songwriting process stems from personal experiences, using feelings and emotion to fuel their sound. They also mention some other artists as primary influences in their music, like The Coat Hangers and Kate Nash.

Being a three-piece girl band, they talk about how the industry has become more accepting towards girl bands, “It’s awesome, girls are getting more comfortable and are just not caring, and some of them have really cool sounds”. But, with only 3 members, they mention how there is no room for errors, and they make up for this through their enticing and energetic stage presence.

Having an EP under their belt, (titled “Friday”) definitely helped their platform grow. The Bralettes are currently playing shows all over the metroplex. Their bubbly stage presence is contagious, making everyone watching remember back to the teen angst they have all felt at one time or another. Their vibe is everything you would want it to be: lighthearted, upbeat, bubbly, girly, and beautifully angsty.

As for the future of the band, they mention that they are working on some singles before they produce their debut album. They would also love to go on tour, and produce some music videos for their songs. “We have so much stuff to do, but I think we’re making progress. It’s babysteps, and making waves.”.

Photographed by Roger Gallegos

Creative directed by Ariel Rodriguez

Styled by Ariel Rodriguez

Make-up by Alysa Rodriguez

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